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The Science of Switching On Workshop Recap – 08/22/10

Well it was a fantastic day of seeing wonderful talent at Sunday’s “Science of Switching On” Workshop! Although I know it’s out there, I’m still continually astounded by the level of people’s artistry. So from time to time I’m going to post links to the people who Rocked It! If you haven’t attended a workshop […]

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Breathe Right, Sing Right… Really?

Fill your belly with air! Breathe into your back! Breathe from your diaphragm! Expand your rib cage! Push your stomach out! Inhale through your nose or your throat will get dry! Imagine you’re going to the bathroom! Yikes!!! Is it any wonder that almost every singer I meet is to some degree confused about breathing? […]

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Voice and Performance Coaching

Los Angeles vocal coach Steven Memel blends the world’s most effective vocal methods together with spellbinding performance techniques that will dazzle your audience every time. His customized, one-on-one teaching approach will literally unlock your voice’s true potential and allow you the freedom to sing like a pro faster than you ever thought possible.

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