A 3-month Whirlwind! (And my TAXI Road Rally 2010 recap)

Hi friends!

It has been an amazing last three months for yours truly and The Science of Switching On!

This blog is a little long because so much has happened, but as I travel and work with artists I’m constantly thinking of you and how I can help. So enjoy reading!

Here’s where we’ve been…

The West Coast Songwriters 2010 conference up in the San Francisco area.

My good friends Ian and Joanie Crombie put on a really terrific event.

Wonderfully talented people sharing their music. I introduced a new workshop — top secret still — but you’ll be hearing about it in the near future.

Performing the World 2010 Conference — Can Performance Change the World?

This incredible event took place in NYC and was attended by social activists, educators, therapists, researchers and yes… even some performers!

It centered around performance — particularly improvisational performance — as a tool for social and personal transformation. A real departure from the music conferences I usually attend and a major “heart and brain high” for four days!

There were also some professional performers there, but the context was sooo different. No one was there to have an “entertainment business career.” For them, “good” performance or “bad” performance were meaningless. It was the simply the act of “performing” that was the transformation itself, the end in itself. I’ll be writing more on this later.

Check it out at:

http://performingtheworld.org/ and http://www.eastsideinstitute.org/

The very first… NYC “Science of Switching On” Workshop.

We had an amazing group with a couple of people from the Performing the World conference as well as members of the singer songwriter community. This was also the first “Science of Switching On” workshop with an accompanist present, which added a whole new dimension to the proceedings. And we will be having a piano player from here on. We used him very creatively for everyone in the workshop. You’ll have to attend to find out how!

And we topped it all off with the…

TAXI Road Rally 2010!

Wow! What an event. Exciting from top to bottom. Met wonderful new artists. Hung out with dear old friends, both presenters and attendees.

I was asked to open the conference by Michael Laskow and very honored to do so. Here’s the short video of my opening talk.

I presented two breakout workshops both of which were shot with two camera video. AND I was able to have a main ballroom presentation… Transform Your Performance… which we also shot multi-camera. These will be coming out soon for those who are interested in them.

There’s a lot of insights and learnings I’ll be sharing over the next several months. So make sure to subscribe to the site (use the box in the upper right) to keep current. AND you’ll be seeing a whole new look on my Facebook Page in the next few weeks. Make sure to drop by and “like” it.

Thanks for being a part of the “The Science of Switching On” community! We’re going to keep making sure we give you valuable tools and information to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot us an email with any questions you have.

All the best,

2 Responses to A 3-month Whirlwind! (And my TAXI Road Rally 2010 recap)

  1. Fred November 27, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Great to see you speak at the Road Rally 2010. You created an amazing energy!

    • Steven Memel November 27, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

      Thanks Fred. I had a wonderful time. Hope you got a lot out of the Rally. I always do myself.