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1 week of intensive voice and performance coaching

Video blog #2 – details of the Music Immersive

My second video blog. They will not always be posted this rapidly.. The Music Immersive is a full week of intensive voice and performance coaching. The participants live and train in a house in Hollywood, California. It begins July 10 and continues through July 17!   More information about the music immersive that begins tomorrow.

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steven memel introduces his video blog

Steven Memel Video Blog #1

Welcome to my new video blog. I’ll be posting a new blog periodically and as needed during events, more frequently. Discussed topics: The Music Immersive The Star Now Music Immersive vocal competition: http://www.starnow/musicimmersive And 3 free vocal exercises for signing up for my newsletter. Please continue watching and feel free to ask questions or […]

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Podcast: Crossing the Line from Good to Great!

In this 4th episode of the podcast, Steven talks about how to cross the line from “good” to “great” in your performances. He explores this idea as the core of the “Science of Switching On.” He will share with you how to grow as a performer and achieve the ability to maintain heightened experiences for […]

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Podcast: Method of Disruption

In this 3rd episode, Steven discusses his “method of disruption.” He looks at patterns in voice and performance closely to help you better understand who you are as an artist. Steven informs you about how to create something new with your voice and break through barriers that may hold you back. He discusses what you […]

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Podcast: Removing the Mask of Tradition

In this 2nd episode of the podcast, Steven talks about removing the mask of tradition. He will show you the way to explore tradition in performing, and how you can help yourself move forward in your work. Traditions in voice and performance will be discussed and you will learn new ideas that will allow you […]

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Podcast: The Science of Switching On

In this first episode, Steven Memel introduces “The Science of Switching On.” He will explain this exciting new system for enhancing your voice and performance as an artist. Steven will inform you about how to bring together all of the vital elements artists need to have unforgettable, consistent success as a performer.

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