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Performance Coaching Part 1

It  was a very gratifying time working with participants of the Music Immersive, which is part of the Hollywood Immersive.  This is the first of 3 clips of some of the sessions  at “The Alley” I’ll be posting. In this particular video I’m working with Rose Willow from Melbourne on her song “Paris”  

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How to Make a BIG Difference in Your Shows in 2011: Quiet Your Mind (Part 2)

You know that feeling of being jumbled, frazzled and unfocused with your mind spinning on a thousand things? The old “monkey mind?”

Ever find yourself starting a show that way? Not intentionally, of course, but realizing half-way through your first song that your mind is wandering?

Maybe you catch yourself thinking about your set list, your chord changes, your lyrics, your bandmates, or maybe you catch yourself anticipating the audience’s cheers and applause before you finish the song?

It happens. It’s natural. But it’s a reactive habit (rather than a “proactive” one), and it’s definitely not a good way to be/feel before you take the stage or before pressing “record” in the studio.

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How to Make a BIG Difference in Your Shows in 2011: Take More Risks

The holidays are wrapping up, kids, and if you’re like me, you’re recapping 2010 in your mind — taking stock of what went right and what went wrong, and how to make things better in 2011.

This week I took a snow day in the mountains with the fam, and as I watched the dozens of skiers, snowboarders, and sledders that dotted the main slope, something hit me. Smacked me right in the face.

No, not some wayward newbie on a snowboard, but an idea. (Good thing I brought the video camera!)

So here’s a tip for how to make a BIG difference in your Shows in 2011.

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9 Steps to Improve Your Singing Tone

One of the most important skills to acquire from any vocal lesson is how to create good tone when singing. It’s an important skill no matter the gender of the performer or the genre they perform. But… what is good tone and how do you get it?

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How to Protect Your Vocal Cords and Keep them Healthy for Decades

Do you dream of singing with the stars? Do you dream of making your living as a professional singer? Or do you simply wish to improve your singing voice to impress your friends at Thursday night karaoke?

Whatever your goal, there are specific things you can do that will help you to get more out of your voice, avoid excessive wear and tear, and increase the level you hit on your “fun-o-meter!”

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Breathe Right, Sing Right… Really?

Fill your belly with air! Breathe into your back! Breathe from your diaphragm! Expand your rib cage! Push your stomach out! Inhale through your nose or your throat will get dry! Imagine you’re going to the bathroom!

Yikes!!! Is it any wonder that almost every singer I meet is to some degree confused about breathing? Aren’t you?

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