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Just a sampling of what you’ll get:

Voice Skills:

  • How to get the most out of your voice. Greater range, more power, less struggle.
  • Breathing – End the mystery. Get it down and let it kick your voice into high gear!
  • Vocal Health – The perfect warmup. How to keep your voice in top condition and how to heal it when you’re in trouble.


  • Deliver – How to get the power of emotion into your song and perform at your best no matter the situation.
  • Stage Fright – How to end the anxiety and worry and finally have a blast singing.
  • Body Language – What moves and gestures make the biggest impact on stage and how to feel natural doing them.

Career and Creativity:

  • Success – What is standing in the way of your achieving it.
  • Style – How to find your unique identity as an artist.
  • Songwriting – Tools to break out of your rut, boost your creativity and your productivity. No more half written songs!

Total Value: $4000
1 Payment of $997
6 Easy Payments of $184

About Steven

Steven is an internationally recognized voice technique and performance coach as well as an award-winning actor and director. He has aided in building the careers of some of the most talented and successful people in the world of entertainment.

Among those who have worked with Steven are recording artists Maroon 5, Adam Levine, Sara Bareilles, Jesse McCartney, actors Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Isabella Rossellini and many more.

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“I worked with Steven long before anyone had heard of Maroon 5. But I didn’t know how good he was until recently. Since we’ve had a #1 hit, we’ve been touring nonstop, and that schedule really takes a toll on your body. Anyone who knows our music knows the extremes of range I have to deal with, so my voice must be in top condition to make it through. He gave me the tools I need to keep it together in a high-stakes environment.”

”Adam.Levine”, ”Maroon

What Steven has done with me in a year and a half, I didn’t think was humanly possible. It’s absolutely crazy. My singing is completely different and I’m just excited where I can go now. We’ve been doing meetings, producing, writing, getting the tracks done.  We’ve worked on the piano and the structures and the songwriting skills and everything. You name it, we’ve done it.

It’s changed my life in every way in terms of the voice and theory and the ability to conduct myself professionally in this environment.

Steven has turned my life upside down. He pulled out this desire and urge to live a creative life. I’m not the same person anymore.

So many opportunities have been opened and many doors and I’m very excited for the future.

”Belbel”, ”Singer/Songwriter,

When it comes to performance and vocal coaching and just doing a single session, I find that I sound completely different, I perform completely different, I feel different and it’s just more natural to me. I don’t have to try so hard. He really brings out the best.

Working with Steven includes everything from vocal coaching, performance coaching, songwriting analysis, analyzing other songs of different artists to see what I like, analyzing production elements. Just so that as a whole, it all comes together and I can figure out who I want to be as an artist.

Over the year, I’ve just completely improved. Just in terms of writing. Steven helps me with the crafting process, being able to write a great song every single time I write. He just taught me things that I never even considered when writing a song.

I just have so much more of a better understanding in terms of the industry and the creative process now.

”Juliana.Barillaro”, ”Singer/Songwriter,

You and I only spent one hour together and a few of the things you shared really changed my thinking… I believe more than anything you instilled a faith to take a few risks. That lesson was worth a hundred times what I paid you. And for that I am so deeply thankful.

”Scott.Zacaroli”, ”Singer/Songwriter”

Yesterday we had the cd-release concert of our 5th studio album “Blink of an Eye” and everything just went great. Before the gig I was completely nervous – I could hardy breathe. I was so afraid that my voice would not work out. 10 Minutes before the gig I listened to your speech at the end of the cd (“know which horse your riding”) and it helped me so much! I went out and rocked it. Thank you for your great work and please go on working with so much passion and inspiration!

”Michèle.Anne.Bachmann”, ”Singer/Songwriter,

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for this opportunity of a lifetime! I still can’t believe this is happening! I’ve improved so much since last I saw you! I had just come out with my first 6 song EP and only had six original songs that I have written, and I was in High School. Now I’ve got almost three albums worth of music and it’s selling! It all goes back to your Workshop! I’ve learned so much from you so far and have grown way more confident with my stage presence and songwriting thanks to you!

”Tyler.Ahlgren”, ”Rock
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Steven Memel changed my life. As well as being an outstanding voice teacher and counselor, Steven’s method of performance coaching is amazingly effective. For each song I play for him, he has a different exercise for me to do to bring out the best of that song, and the best of me within that song. Under Steven’s tutelage, I’ve blossomed into an accomplished singer-songwriter.

”Briagha.M.Tavish”, ”Singer/Songwriter”

Thank you, Steven, for helping me find joy and authenticity in singing. Thank you for helping me to reach this life-long goal. You are amazing!

You are the Singer-Whisperer!

”Charmaine.Tuason”, ”Singer/Songwriter”
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