The Science of Switching On

Steven Memel

The First Comprehensive Voice Technique
and Performance System

Methods too often supersede the student. Stage Dominance is bringing its renegade style and the “The Science of Switching On” to everyone. The “Science of Switching On” is not a rigid system – it is fluid and dynamic – it shifts as you shift. The way you express yourself on stage, in a boardroom, or in front of the camera can mean the difference between success and failure. Stage Dominance gives you what you need to capture your audience on every stage you perform on in life.

This system maps out how to find your voice, your confidence (even in moments of absolute terror), and it will help you find “You.”

Steven will teach you how to have the best technical control over your voice. He has blended many methods to create original and inventive new exercises that take the chains off your voice and allow you the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

The bottom line is this; there are a lot of rules about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. But those rules just don’t apply anymore. And Steven gets it! Let’s face it, many great artists broke with tradition and that’s what made them different.

“There is no such thing as right sound and wrong sound. There’s just sound. That would be like saying that blue is right and red is wrong”

–Steven Memel

Some of the things you 
will learn with Steven:

  1. Breath Control
  2. Endurance
  3. Power
  4. Flexibility
  5. Increased Range
  6. The Perfect Warm-up
  7. Perfect Any Style
  8. Sing without Strain or Fatigue
  9. Develop Your Unique Sound