The Science of Switching On

Steven Memel

Get one-on-one instruction from a master teacher. Unlock your voice. Unblock your performance.

Voice Technique

Picture yourself on stage for a moment. The house lights go down, and the stage lights come up. The spotlight shines directly on you. You grab the mic. The audience hushes, anxiously awaiting your first song.

Now, imagine what it would be like to have absolutely no thought or concern about “what your voice sounds like” or “what it will sound like” at that moment. Your voice is there — always there — always on pitch — and singing is truly effortless for you.

How much more of a connection could you establish with your fans if you never had to think about your voice? How much more freedom would you have to truly perform — to truly connect with your audience?

Stage 1 of The Science of Switching On is all about learning to overcome the technical barriers that prevent you from singing at your full potential. And as you’ll learn, those barriers affect every other aspect of your performance.

Steven teaches you how to have complete control over your voice. His unconventional and inventive new technical exercises literally take the chains off your voice and allow you to sing with the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Some of the things you will learn studying with Steven:

  • How to Sing without Strain or Fatigue — Even on the High Notes
  • How to Increase Your Vocal Range by a Full Octave
  • Proper Diaphragm and Breath Control
  • How to Build Endurance and Strengthen Your Vocal Cords
  • How to Sing with Twice the Vocal Power
  • Learn to Create Dynamics and Flexibility in your Voice
  • Learn the Perfect Warm-up
  • How to Perfect Any Singing Style and Develop Your Unique Sound

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Performance Coaching

Most voice coaches focus solely on… the voice.

But even the best vocal techniques in the world can only take you so far, because the voice is only one (very) small part of a much larger system.

By addressing these other aspects of the body and mind (the emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of your performance), The Science of Switching On traverses barriers to outstanding performance — barriers that most voice coaches aren’t even aware of.

The first step is to be open to the fact that much of what you have heard, seen, or been taught about performance may be holding you back.

To understand what makes a great performance, you must first understand what interrupts a great performance. When you’re on stage, every little nuance matters. Any bit of tension or anxiety can lurk and betray you subconsciously through your body language. Audiences can instantly pick up on what’s going on with you, and if you not prepared, you’ll lose them.

So how do you fix it? How do you shake off the nerves?

Steven has the extraordinary ability to spot these destructive physical patterns and distracting thoughts that get in your way. He quickly teaches you how to break these bad patterns and replace them with new patterns that serve you.

His system — The Science of Switching On — teaches you how to consistently create “experiences” that your audience will remember forever.

[quote]It’s the magical interplay between technical, emotional, mental, and energetic elements that make unforgettable, compelling performances.[/quote]

Can you visualize yourself entertaining 30,000 people and keeping them enthralled for hours like the arena rockers? Want to learn how do they do it? Whether you’re performing for hundreds or thousands, you need to know how to “switch on” — to get into the state of mind to transcend into a master performer and entertainer.

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Private Lessons

If you live in the Los Angeles area (or don’t mind traveling), don’t miss your opportunity to have a private session with Steven Memel! Due to the demand, a maximum of 3 lessons with Steven are available per student in any one week.

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Zoom, Skype & Phone Lessons

Having a specific problem with your voice or your performance? Getting ready for an important gig, recording or tour? Need Steven, but can’t come to Los Angeles? Then phone or Skype lessons are for you!

Steven actively teaches real-time distant lessons to students all over the world using Skype (free internet video conferencing software).

If you’ve hit a plateau and need a little extra help, some honest feedback, or an assessment of a problem area, a quick phone lesson can be just the thing to get you back on track.

Skype/Phone lessons are available in half-hour or one-hour sessions.

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What’s Best for YOU?

Steven loves helping singers of all skill levels, from novices (who sing for the love of it) to professionals (whose very livelihood depends on it). But the truth is, we don’t all need the same type of instruction. Here’s what we recommend for different types of singers.

I want to improve my voice, but I’m not looking to become a star, and I’m on a limited budget
The Science of Switching On Home Study Course will definitely be for you. For about the price of a single private lesson, you’ll get over 12 hours of instruction, including dozens of exercises you’ll be able to use over and over.

Within the first few lessons, you’ll find yourself singing notes you never thought possible! If funds are really tight, you can even start with our upcoming seminar video, Steven Memel Live! You’ll see a live recording of Steven’s introductory workshop, complete with exercises, for less than half the cost of admission!

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I’m pursuing a career as a singer and need a jump start!
Consider coming to Los Angeles for a few hours of live study with Steven. Attend an upcoming workshop, and perhaps do an occasional Skype/phone lesson as needed.

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I manage a music group, band, or choir and we need vocal help while on the road.
Steven often makes arrangements to work with bands, Broadway musical casts, and professional artists while they are on tour. Please contact us for details.

I’m a voice teacher and want to expand my skills, as well as my client base!
Consider hosting a workshop and getting certified to teach The Science of Switching On.

Steven will conduct a Master Class for your students and guests, taking their voices to new levels and building your credibility. Then, once you’ve been trained and certified by Steven in The Science of Switching On, you’ll be eligible to join our Associates Program, and we will begin recommending you to students in your area. Contact us for details.