December 22

Last Minute Christmas Gift – Give The Gift Of Singing!


It’s Christmas time! A joyous time of year.

However…. it’s also time to get your butt out there and BUY STUFF for EVERYONE!!!

And boy… though it can be a blast finding just the right gift

…it can also, well, stress the heck out of you!…

I know you know what I mean… and I have a plan to help you out.

But before I do the “big reveal”…

Just think about this… If find yourself wondering…

“What do I buy for the woman, man, child, parent, aunt, uncle, boss or employee… who has everything?

Something different. Unique. Original.

A gift that stands out.

A totally non-boring, non-“run of the mill,” absolutely excellent, WOW Christmas present!

My friend… I’ve got you covered… No joke!

Ahem…. Drum roll please… (fingers on table top will do)


I shall now reveal to you an AMAZING gift!

One that could be truly life-changing!

A gift that may just open up a world of wondrous possibilities and fulfill lifelong dreams…

And thrill beyond the wildest imagination!

[a hush comes over the audience… Cymbal Crash!!

***Click Here To Give The Gift of Singing***

Yes Singing!! La la la! Deck the halls and all that good stuff. Singing!

I mean really….think about it….what an totally AWESOME gift!

And we have a totally awesome Christmas Special Offer for you…

Give a gift of a Half hour session for only $100.

That’s $50 off of a regular session!

We’ll also email you a pdf of a beautiful gift certificate to put under the tree.

Purchase a gift of 4 Half hour sessions or more we’ll give the following bonuses!!!! (Bonuses can be used for the person being gifted or for yourself)

Bonus #1: Warm up CD as Gift
Bonus #2: Special Private Invite Only Virtual Q&A and Group Work Session
Bonus #3: 1 write-up/analysis of a song you record (even simple iPhone recording will do). Good for up to 1 year after your sessions, so you can get real feedback on how you’ve progressed.

Reasons why this is a totally cool and amazing gift:

It’s a chance to try something they’ve never done before and always wanted to.

An opportunity to help someone do something to hone their craft that they just haven’t been able to squeeze out of their budget before.

A gift to yourself, so you don’t have endure their off-key renditions of “Happy Birthday” at any more family functions… The possibilities are limitless.

And not only am I going to offer a real sweet Christmas Holiday special… But you can get a bunch of folk together and everyone chips in for a special someone you all cherish.

Or maybe you request it as a gift for yourself. Get everyone or a special someone to make it happen for you if you just haven’t been able to swing getting the dough together for yourself…!

You get the idea… Right? Heck make a few lessons a gift from the team to the CEO of your company. Payback it so sweet.

**Click Here To Give The Gift of The Golden Voice Singing Sessions**

Now…. we’re not just talking about doing a bunch of stuff with the little old man in the rickety house down the block. Y’know the guy with the parakeet and the two cats!

We’re talking about providing the chance for someone to experience the real deal. With a pro who really cares. Who can shift things for them practically in the blink of an eye.

Yep! Time with a true craftsman and artist himself... who has worked with some of the greatest, most well-known, most celebrated singers of our generation. And uh… that would be…me 🙂

Rock On!



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