July 6

Testimonial from Ben Mauro, Lionel Richie’s guitarist and vocalist


Guitarist/Singer Ben Mauro with Lionel Richie

My name is Ben Mauro. I play guitar and sing in Lionel Richie’s band. I have also toured with Kelly Clarkston and Britney Spears. I am currently on a European Tour with Lionel Richie.
I began studying with Steven Memel for a little over one month before this tour and it completely changed my abilities and confidence as a singer.

During rehearsals Lionel’s musical director, Chuckii Booker made a comment to me that my voice sounded a lot stronger and I mentioned to him that I had found a new voice teacher.

I’ve found that with Steven’s help I have finally tapped into really being a singer, and suddenly I am able to sing many vocal parts in the show that I couldn’t hit before. They are also coming easily, and I find myself having a lot of fun singing them.

I had studied with private teachers before, but I never felt like I made that much progress or had any concrete results. Immediately in my lessons with Steven I learned more about the physical aspect of my voice that I ever knew, even after countless lessons with well-known voice teachers in New York.

He took away the mystery of the voice and helped me build my strength and confidence.

It has also been a lot of fun, and I really look forward to my lessons. He has gotten me excited about really being a singer again.

The best proof of what Steven has done for me happened today on a flight from Lisbon to London where we have two sold out shows at Wembley Arena.

I was sitting next to Chuckii Booker, who (besides being Lionel’s Musical Director) is a amazing singer and producer, and he said that our sound guy came up to him today and told him that my voice sounded great and was much stronger than it was on the last tour.

Chuckii again complemented me and asked me how long I had been studying with my teacher and when I told him about five weeks he was really surprised and said “That’s amazing, only five weeks? Wow, you really sound great. He must be a great teacher.”

Thank you Steven! -Ben Mauro


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