December 31

How to Make a BIG Difference in Your Shows: Overcome Stage Fright (Part 3)


“Just imagine them in their underwear!”

“Use your nervousness! Think of it as excitement. It will give you energy!”

This is the kind of moronic advice I hear frequently dispensed from other performance coaches as ways to handle the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking, singing, acting, and performing in front of people.

I know… Those are pretty strong words — but I’m passionate about this subject.

It’s an issue I personally had to overcome the hard way. (Although anybody watching me on stage now might find that hard to believe.)

Why those old stage fright tricks don’t work long-term

1. The “underwear” thing… If you’re spending your mental energy and your imagination putting skivvies on the audience, then you’re shortchanging them big time with your performance!

You can’t do that AND be simultaneously involved mentally and emotionally in the heart of your song. (See my article about being mentally present from yesterday.)

2. The “nervousness = energy” excuse… I feel like I’m trying to lie to myself with phony woo-woo stuff like that. My truth-o-meter is on tilt, and it’s screaming at me, “That’s not energy, you idiot! That’s fear!!! I’m having an out of body experience here!!!”

Pretending you’re not afraid is like pretending a hot stove won’t burn you. In order to overcome stage fright, you must first acknowledge, and accept, your fear.

How I’ve learned to overcome stage fright for good

There’s no way around it — this is a deep subject. But we’re going to do a little scratching of the surface of it with this track off my new Warmup CD. Hope it begins the journey for you to peace and security and ultimately true freedom on stage.


By the way, everyone who registers for the 6-week “Science of Switching On” Virtual e-course gets a free copy of my new Warmup CD free! (See below)

How to Make a BIGGER Difference in Your Shows in 2011

Starting next Wednesday, Jan 5, I’ll be teaching a brand new 6-week voice and performance course online. It’s called “The Science of Switching On: Virtual Training Course,” and I’m super excited to offer it.

We’ll be covering stage fright in detail for artists, musicians, and stage performers, along with better singing techniques, strategies to design your set list, dealing with stage fright, and a deep dive into “The Science of Switching On” — all my very best material in a 6-week e-course you can take in your PJs.

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I’ll even throw in a coupon for $50 off the registration price — use discount code HOLIDAY50.  But you gotta hurry if you want a seat.

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  1. Excellent article and I love what you have to say on the warm-up download about separating who we are personally from our performance on stage. That our value is not raised or lowered based on what happens on stage. Great stuff. thanks for posting.

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