December 31

Start 2016 With A Big Bang!


Yep! 2016 is on its way. There’s no mistaking it. And absolutely everyone’s sounding the call.

Here comes 2016!!

I can’t open my email, turn on the TV (don’t do that too often) or listen to the radio without getting an earful. And really it’s kinda fun. I am definitely getting into the spirit!

And as the New Year is barreling down upon, speeding toward the finish line, we hear a chorus of voices on the wind chanting…

“Make it your best year EVER!” “You can do it!”

Like you, if you’re in business for yourself, which as an artist, by definition, you are… I’m constantly studying, honing my skills and perfecting new abilities. And much more than just artistic skills.

Skills of how to better market my brand, highlight my uniqueness, learn the ropes to talk the talk with the right people at the right time.

Hey… if you want to be successful in this modern competitive world, it’s not optional. You’ve just plain got to do it.

And that can be pretty heady stuff. New techniques. Different ways of doing things. Taking a lot on board.

But I don’t want to paint a grim picture. It’s not just a grind. It can be loads of fun!

Grow. Improve. Sing better, higher, longer. Perform with more power. Develop greater presence. Deepen your impact on those attending your shows. Leave a more lasting impression.

In essence… put the petal to the metal and become… unforgettable!

What does this bring. Well, if we can just “break on through to the other side…”

…we’ll have the ability through our creative work, to sustain ourselves and our families more easily and have the quality lives we want with the people around who are meaningful to us. All while doing what we love!

Now here’s the thing… my little “caution” to you.

As we study our new techniques, develop new skills and hone our abilities, it’s easy to forget why we’re learning all this stuff in the first place.

Whether you’re an artist singing a song, a dancer leaping and spinning through a dance, a poet cranking out her next poem, writing an article, speaking to the media, shooting video, meeting – anything really…

It ain’t just about the “technique!”

It’s about the heart.

Really. People just want to feel something. Hopefully something good. But they just want to feel.

It’s about what we experience. Love, meaning, excitement, hope. All those wonderful, wonderful things that bring us such joy when we’re deeply involved in them.

Real stuff. And to get to the heart, we need to let go of always trying to do it “right.” Say the perfect thing. Write the perfect line. Sing the perfect note. Make the perfect connection.

We just need to bring it back to the heart. Simply that.

Personally, I’ve experienced a great deal of joy over these holidays. Spending time with my wife and son in Palm Springs. Enjoying the warmer weather. That is until we figured we were just a little too comfortable and decided to seek out the snow at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Snow in the desert. Whacky!

And I’ve gotten to breathe a little. I hope you have too.

However…if you DO want to kick 2016 into high gear, here’s a special treat I’m offering.

Bring me your biggest obstacle. I mean it.

If there’s something in your way when you’re on stage, in the studio, trying to create, or causing you to drag your feet in building your career…bring it on!

It doesn’t matter if it’s something with your vocal technique. Or some mysterious stuck-ness stopping you “letting go” in performance. Or some creative, expressive obstacle, or even just sucking at networking. Bring it ON!

We will take that baby apart! Dissolve it. Obliterate it. Banish it. And chase it out the door! And if you’ve seen me work… you know I can do it.

And we’re going to do it FAST!

So… here’s the deal.

Now, you can buy 30 minute, Big Bang, Big Solution one-on-one sessions with me. In person or over Skype.

“OK… how much?” you say. “A fortune, right?” Wrong.

My hourly rate for sessions is normally $300.

But because I’m crazy and it’s the New Year, I’m offering half-hour sessions for a measly $100. That’s it.  

This offer is available until Sunday, January 3rd at midnight.


***Click Here For Big Bang, Big Solutions ***


I mean c’mon! If you’ve got a huge obstacle and you DON’T take advantage of this, you’ve got an entirely different problem.

You can purchase a minimum of 1 (duh!), and there’s no max. But the catch is, I’m only offering a limited amount. Once those are gone, it’s over. Only so much of me to go around.

The sessions are good for 1 year, and you can use them anytime you want during that year.

So… take me up on this. Don’t go limping into 2016.

Get some time with me personally and hit it full on! I’ll match you stride for stride.

Happy new year.




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  1. Hi Steven,

    Happy New Year!

    My son is a student of Zak Barnett Studios, formerly of Margie Haber Studios.

    We’d like to get him in to have some 1/2 hr sessions with you, and would love it if you’d grant him your special, ‘crazy ‘ $100 / 1/2 hr rate.

    I hope to hear back from you soon .

    Thank you!
    Best Regards,
    Beth Tortorello

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