The Science of Switching On

Steven Memel

A business coach that works with singers, songwriters, speakers, and executives on their vocal performance can be described as a vocal performance coach. This coach specializes in helping clients improve their vocal skills, presentation style, and overall communication abilities in various professional settings. They work with individuals from different industries, including music, public speaking, and corporate leadership, to enhance their vocal presence and effectiveness during performances, presentations, and high-stakes situations.

These coaches may focus on various aspects of vocal performance, such as pitch, tone, range, and song delivery for singers and songwriters. For speakers and executives, they may work on public speaking skills, storytelling techniques, and audience engagement. Additionally, they may provide guidance on mindset, body language, and speech to help clients communicate more effectively in both on- and off-line settings. Overall, a vocal performance coach aims to help clients develop their personal, professional, and vocal potential, equipping them to excel in their respective fields.