April 4

Performance Coaching Part 1


It  was a very gratifying time working with participants of the Music Immersive, which is part of the Hollywood Immersive.  This is the first of 3 clips of some of the sessions  at “The Alley” I’ll be posting.

In this particular video I’m working with Rose Willow from Melbourne on her song “Paris”



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  1. Hello,

    I really glad to see Steven Memel on the video and I always hope there’s much more. Even though only one on one works for vocal development it’s always interesting to watch Steven in action.

    I come from the place musically where technique or rather what I call fundamentals should be set in stone before any switching on takes place. These fundamentals should be automatic. What I want for me is to develop a very strong solo voice which has a very big sound with that sound covering an extended range. My range is very low, going down to a pedal A so the head voice development is very important. We can’t stop our switching on each time our technique goes a little off so we are constricting our performance. So, this must be automatic.

    Steven is a great teacher and a must for studying voice and with the “Science Of Switching On” you can captivate your audience each and every time as long as your vocal fundamentals are fully developed so they are non wavering.

    Having a great voice and approaching music composition from a vocal perspective is a must for every musician interested in marketing your music. Being a vocalist is a different way of thinking in what ever you do in music especially songwriting. If you are a instrumentalist this is a truth you must uncover.

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